Thursday, March 17, 2011

Anatomy of a two-book contract celebration

Posted by Yuyi

Here at the Revisionaries, we don't need pretexts to celebrate--reasons rush in abundance. This week it was a two-book contract affair.

And this is how celebrating at our group is usually done:

First is the recruiting of innocent, unsuspecting children

Next is the cheering, the congratulating, the acrobatic performing of high-fiving, and the first glass of champagne

After that things start moving fast. The reading of obscure children's book begins. We discuss marketing possibilities. Here things might start getting utter-depressing or plainly crazy. More champagne is required.

As we star taking about deadlines, Maria gets in charge of running the alcohol.

Children are allowed to learn the up and downs of Childre's book publishing, but they are not allowed to drink.

We do, however, allow children (and dogs, if they are present too) to blow loud whistles and run amok yelling thing we hardly understand.

Man, this is a tiring business!

Disclaimer: No children or dogs were injured in the making of this blogposting.