Sunday, January 30, 2011


Remember Yuyi blogged about our Revisionaries' end of the year assignment? A grand time was had. We ate. We drank. We laughed. And we critiqued each other's assignments. This year's theme was banned books. You know, those books that angry parents write about, call about, blog about to their children's school librarians? Yup. Those books.

So I created GrumpyGurl.

She is dark and gloomy. She has a pet armadillo, hates rainbows, fresh strawberries and pink stuff. She loves anything black, or grey, if black is unavailable or too expensive. She hopes to move to Minsk someday. This book would surely trigger angry phone calls to librarians were it ever to see the green desk light of a library, so I decided to create a blog for her!

Disclaimer: This is not for your young children! Unless you are used to feeding them dead beetles for breakfast. In that case, all will be just fine.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

except if--by Jim Averbeck

I'm so excited. I just got my copy of except if written and illustrated by Jim Averbeck in the mail today. I love this book. I've seen Jim's story full of the unexpected since he brought the earliest sketches and first draft of the text to our Revisionaries critique group meeting. And yes, this story began as one of our year-end "assignments." (please see Yuyi's last post re: assignments in Dec.)

I was surprised and delighted with except if then. And even though I've seen various stages and the fun color illustrations as they came into being, I am still delighted and surprised. This book makes me smile with so many perfect "aha!" moments all the way to the end.

As soon as the mail arrived today I opened the package and read the book once again. I'm so happy to have my own copy and can't wait to read it to 15 of my current favorite preschoolers. I know they will love it and say, "again!" as soon as we reach the end. See Jim's website for the first wave of the rave reviews. I am sure kids, parents, librarians and teachers will be adding more rave reviews. Today is the pub date. Get your copy soon!