Saturday, December 18, 2010

Drop it all and make a new book

Posted by Yuyi

No time for Christmas tree or fragrant wreaths. Instead, to me, the nearing of the holidays feels like new stories and tastes like new art. And, yes, it is a tradition.

For the last few years, here at the Revisionaries we have implemented our way to celebrate the end of the year: We drop it all and assign ourselves to write new books.

So, every year, during the last few days of December, we choose a theme to create about, we put aside any books and projects we might have been working during the year, and we throw a party where each of us brings a newly conceived story.

From this exercise in production, a total of six books (or am I losing count?) have been acquired for publishing. So, we are not about to let go of our-end -of-the-year assignment any time soon.

This time we have decided to share our process and invite anyone who would like to join us in our work assignment.

Here is what to do:

This year we chose three trigger ideas to write about. The concepts behind this ideas are meant to inspire and so they are to be taken with flexibility; they are meant to give us a frame to work with, ideas, images, and to give us an opportunity to pour our own personal concepts around them. Here are the ideas we selected for working this year:

The hideous thing
The hidden thing
Banned book

Now, write a story, make a picture book, an early readers, the beginning of a novel, a poem, a wordless book, or anything that strikes your literary creativity. Know this: You won't be alone.

At the Revisionaries next week we will have our last meeting of the year and there we will unwrap our new stories/books we have created. It is always a moment of surprises, of marveling, of laughing, of revising and working. A joyful moment. And perhaps it would be for you too.

Monday, December 13, 2010

A Better Bella

Meet the latest member of The Revisionaries. Her character development is a bit ruff, but her plots are quite fetching.

Friday, December 10, 2010

December 5, Holland celebrated its version of Christmas called Sinterklaas. Sinterklaas and his helpers de Zwarte Pieten (not to be confused with Santa's elves) fill the shoes of children that have been good with sweets and presents. Naughty children are spanked with twigs, put inside a burlap sack and whisked off to Spain to become helpers in Sint's large gift warehouse. Nope. I'm not making it up. And you thought clowns were scary!

This morning, I woke up to my pals Jim and Ed, bringing me some holiday cheer.

Happy holidays SinterJim and Zwarte Ed!

..and check out David Sedaris' reading about Sinterklaas!